Want to Thrive?

What's a Dream of Yours?

My dream? I want everyone to be inspired by their own lives. I mean alive. Lit Up. Filled with purpose and a bit of excitement. Imagine your life balanced and aligned with your core values....time is ticking!

As a Co-Active Coach my job is to hold the space, shine the light on You, ask big questions, and hold you accountable as you explore fulfillment in your life. Some people are attracted to coaching in order to achieve specific goals: to write a book, to start a business, to have a healthy relationship with one's body.  Some come to coaching to be more satisfied at work or to develop skills for life transitions and change. Do you desire a better quality of life? 

I'm offering reduced rate sessions by phone or in person (if in Marin County) as I further my studies at the Coach Training Institute. Please email me if you desire more in your life. I'm happy to set up a free half hour sample session. Cheers.