Move and Be Moved


The Nia Technique

A Mind-Body-Emotion-Spirit Movement Practice

Join me at MoveMe Studio on Fridays, 9-10am

1320 4th Street in San Rafael, CA 94901

Here's a VIDEO of Nia in action with co-creator Debbie Rosas!

LINK to Nia's international website.


michell Kawaja

My life purpose (of the moment) is to ignite the light in others…anywhere, everywhere, everyday.

I am a certified Nia Technique teacher of over a decade, a co-active coach, an ex professional ballerina, and mother of three dragons.  I studied at The Juilliard School, Coaches Training Institute, and Tamalpa Institute (for movement based expressive arts therapy). Currently I am leaning into movement practices that have always scared me.

I am passionate about all forms of expression in order to become our largest most authentic selves. I believe the body cannot lie.  In my opinion it is the best resource to tap for truth, self growth and healing. Oh and it's a total fun factory if you partner up with it.

Please visit my Movement Play section for inspiration on ways to connect with your own body and what it has to say.

Move and Be Moved!