Sometimes we need to start by moving the body to unlock stories and process emotion. Get that shit moving through your body yo before it gets stuck and turns into disease.

When I go through this cycle? My brain is not involved until AFTER I crack a tear. Then I get all….What was that? What is in there? Do I need to make any changes in life? It’s a deep cleaning.


  1. Kneel or find a comfortable similar shape.

  2. Open and close the arms at heart level with or without music. I prefer music that builds…

  3. Give it time, be patient. Emotion follows motion.

  4. Cycle through. You might laugh, cry, open the heart, or stay closed. Commit to the body’s cycle.


Grab a paper or journal right after and start writing. Don’t know what you are going to write. Just start writing.

Michell Kawaja