Caught in a box? Walls walls walls, what to do? Start to generate new options by first seeing this box as temporary, permeable, breakable. Then let er rip!


Start with imagining walls on all sides of your body including above your head. Like a pantomime, test, paint, push, feel for the boundaries. Actually move the walls to create more space. With the help of some vigor and music and maybe some sound from deep within…start a few elbow strikes, kicks, maybe move into full body shoves or smashes. Move within the new space. Run up against one wall, then the next, like a carousel off kilter. Make more room for You.


Take a deep breath. Allow your bones to float out as your fingertips reach through the space. Another breath. Soften the facial muscles so they may float into a smile. Close your eyes and imagine the sun warming and energizing your skin. Ask yourself: Which walls did I just break through? Who made them?

Michell Kawaja