EveryBODY needs a cleaning. Try washing mental and emotional energies like laundry.


Play with any cycle that you need right now. It will change moment to moment.

Cycle 1: Warm Wash. Imagine your body and all of its parts floating like laundry in a warm and soapy washing machine. Surrender to the gentle, peaceful, subtle movements. Soak up the loving nurturing energy this brings the body and heart.

Cycle 2: Spin Cycle. After a nice moment of warm wash, dirt separates from the clothing, water gets soiled, and the machine moves into spin cycle. OUT with the dirty water, OUT with the mess, Out Out Out in energy. For your body, is this a splash move, a spin, is this a primal scream?! Any which way it looks, send the bad juju out out out.

The washing machine slows down. The washing machine beeps. Laundry cleaned.


Try this the next time you load the washer and press start. Be one with your laundry.

Michell Kawaja