Making wake up time more pleasurable.


  1. Roll onto your belly and look both ways for a cervical spine stretch. Surrender in between.

  2. Slide your forearm bones under your shoulders and slowly bring in your thigh bones— now sit back into child’s pose, lengthen arms, and surrender again.

  3. Press palms into mattress and come to a table top shape. Explore natural timing and natural movements from both tips of your spine. Spiral, curl, stretch, etc.

  4. Tuck your toes under and allow your pelvis to float up while dropping your head. Explore downward dog with subtle tweaks.

  5. Lower knees, spine floats upright, arms back behind bum or on heels, open through the heart.


What is this sequence missing? Abdominal work? Add one more move, anywhere, to fulfill your body’s needs.

Michell Kawaja