The Bobbin was born in a coach training session. It changes my physiology and calms me down when confronted with button pushing children. Please know this was created by me, for me, and is merely a suggestion to play with. Try it on, then tweak to your needs.


When you are feeling agitated or irritated by anything….wind up by stepping your right leg behind left, then allow your body to get real tight—squeeze squeeze MUSCLE squeeze. Then unwind like a bobbin half a rotation to the right. Next float the arms up and use twinkle fingers as you imagine a mental shower of sprinkles and light-I like to imagine fireflies. Let your gentle finger movements soften your mind and facial muscles as you say out loud: This Too Shall Pass, And So It Is, or These Are The Good Ol’ Days. This will hopefully help you reset before responding to the next moment….and don’t forget to exhale slowly too.


Invest. If this didn't fit, take another moment to find a word, imagery or way of unwinding yourself in a tight moment. Write the word or draw the image on a sticky note, then stick it wherever you get most heated. May it be a reminder, a tool, to ignite the desired perspective on demand. And make sure to physically move the move in order for body chemistry to do its magic…no half assing here.

Michell Kawaja