Hula Hoop



Lots of movement that is safe to practice in public is linear. Think lifting weights, squats, walking, running, pilates, and yoga. What about the circular motion and design of the ball in socket joints we all have? How do we keep them healthy and expressive?


With hands on your hips, start by creating circles with your tailbone--try small, large, fast, slow. Then add hula hoops to your neck, ribs, waist, legs and arms. Play with direction, speed, and number of hula hoops. What about upper body only then lower body only. Now circle around yourself in space. Round and round you twirl!


Try this practice when your feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. Inspire spontaneous hula hoop dance offs in the office at the beginning of a work day. Add music. Smile. Try it to the music "Slip" by Elliot Moss...

Michell Kawaja