Cut Cords


Sometimes we are emotionally, mentally, or spiritually connected to something that doesn't serve us anymore. Maybe it is tugging us from behind, keeping us back...maybe it's a cord which drains our system...or maybe it's  just a nagging nuisance.  It's time to get free and get some independence. Cut those cords!


Start with finger scissors.  If mental/emotional cords are burly, thick, and taxing, pull out an arm sword. Try a slicing motion with your hand plus lower arm bones as a blade. Sharp. Staccato. Strong. Slices. Cut! Then add a big SOUND to grow your will.

If you have LOTS OF SHIT tugging at you, pull out your double A grade bolt cutters and start hacking and screaming.

Inhale, exhale, now close your eyes. Do you feel (as a sensation) the new found freedom and space?  


Which part of the body had the thickest cords? What now?




Michell KawajaComment