Cut Cords



Sometimes we are emotionally, mentally, or spiritually connected to something that doesn't serve us anymore. Maybe it is tugging us from behind, keeping us back...maybe it's a cord which drains our system...or maybe it's just a nagging nuisance.  It's time to get free and get some independence. Cut those cords!


Try a slicing motion with your hand plus lower arm bones as a blade. Sharp. Staccato. Strong. Slices. CUT! Then add a big SOUND to grow your will.

If you have LOTS OF CRAP tugging at you, pull out your double A grade bolt cutters and start hacking and screaming.

Inhale, exhale, now close your eyes. Do you feel (as a sensation) the new found freedom and space?  


Take a moment to honor the lessons that come along with those cords, give gratitude, and take another cleansing breath. Congratulate yourself for working to release what doesn't serve you anymore. 

Michell Kawaja