Anything Goes


Sometimes joyous feelings and multilayered emotions are beyond words and literal comprehension.  When we begin to move our body, identifiable and unidentifiable feelings come up. Then more. I see this movement practice as a spring cleaning of sorts. Start moving and see what's in hiding. When more pops up, move with that. Say yes to it all.


Find a safe space where you can let your guard down. I recommend alerting other inhabitants in the home, then locking a door and getting to work. A car works too. Shimmy, shake, scream, cut, bounce, hum, frolick, cry, add music, push the floor, smear your body on the walls, try shouting a full body YES or dropping to the ground and rising again...anything goes. Let one moment lead into the next. May the practice find it's own natural closure.


With eyes closed immediately following the session ask yourself, "Now I am..." and notice what comes up. Call upon this self made mantra when needed. Write it down if so inspired. Then thank your body's wisdom for showing you what's really going on.

Michell Kawaja