Seeing something from a new perspective can blow your mind and physiologically change you.


  1. Set imaginary points on the floor, 1, 2, 3 and 4, in a square pattern.

  2. Dance or hop between the 4 points: right foot steps front right, left foot steps front left, right root steps back right, left foot steps back left. Try hopping the points landing two feet at a time. Keep knees and joints soft. Be kind to your body.

  3. Perspective shift. Now see these points as merely points. And play between them in random order. Backwards, sideways, between two, between 4. Slow, fast, spin around. Fun eh?


What is one daily practice that you can look at and execute differently today? Drink water out of a martini glass perhaps? Walk in a 1, 2, 123 rhythm?

Michell Kawaja