This is a No Strings Attached space for helping, sharing, and facilitating positive growth.
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It's like Dear Abby meets Zoltar meets a confessional box. You get to share your concerns about relationships (to body, self, career, friends, marriage) and receive a fresh perspective from someone who cares, but doesn’t necessarily know you. My response may be in the form of a quote, a question, a link, a story, or advice.  

Let's engage in a dialogue.
What’s to lose? 


I coach only women and young women.

These sessions are held in San Rafael, CA.

In this private setting we have space, paper, pastels, and a sound system--great tools to help the interplay between mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

What to bring: a specific inquiry, aspiration, or a place of STUCK that you would like to explore and work through. We get to work with what shows up in each moment and literally move to and with a new perspective.